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Edmund & Iris Garcia          Cypress Texas

October 12, 2017

When we first came to Thru Grace our marriage was declining and we were considering divorce. These techniques are life changing. We are in love for the first time.

Broderick & Crystal Legro  Houston Texas

October 1, 2017

We never expected our marriage to change to such a degree. Our lives have changed and we love who we are becoming. We now have great communication skills! The application of this teaching has been transformational.

Joyce Reece                     Houston Texas

September 12,2014

I was a widow for 15 years  and did not realize the necessity of companionship. With this teaching it has given me the confidence I need to live a happy healthy life.

World Class Counselors

We are a 501C3 Organization that is devoted to building healthy relationships. We know first hand about relational needs that impact lives tremendously. We have a staff of trained professionals that are ready to take your relationships to its pinnacle by applying biblical solutions to your life."These principals guarantee results in little as 3 days" ~Shon Gray


Awaken Your Marriage 

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Why Relationship Counseling?

4 Biblical Principles to Positive Relationships

- Communication


- Conflict Resolution


- Encouragement

- Grace



What You Need to Know Before Sessions


- Accept that your relationships needs help

- Know that we all have needs that can't overlooked

- You can not put a price on your marriage-children

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What You Will Learn?


Essential Relationship Concepts


  • One Concept that Stops All Arguing

  • Six Warm-Up Steps that Guarantee Successful Conflict Resolution

  • Avoiding the Number One Reason Relationships Struggle and Fail

  • 14 Aspects of Successful Communication

  • Eliminating Worry, Fear, and Anxiety that Prevents Abundant Life

  • Getting to the Root of Addictions

  • Discovering True Freedom by Gaining Powerful Self-Control

  • Conquering Impure Thoughts and Habits

  • Understanding Unique Gender Issues and Roles

  • Getting to the Root of Your Children’s Bad Behavior

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